Maintaining the classic look of the Early Bronco while creating a vehicle that has the driving characteristics of a modern SUV was our goal for this one of a kind custom TWC creation.

We purchased a 2008 Ford Explorer as the donor for the heart of the build. (Complete chassis, electronics, dash and seating where used)

After removing the body we fit the body of a 1974 Ford Bronco (our second donor) to the explorer chassis. 900 man hours later this Hybrid Bronco/Explorer was completed.

We have registered the Vehicle as a 1976 Bronco and now offer it for sale. Visit our For Sale page or contact Don at TWC for more information.

Bronco prices will start at $120K

 A true one of a kind, This vehicle is an amalgamation of two SUVs - a 1976 Ford Bronco and a 2008 Ford Sport Trac. To create this Time Warp, the complete drivetrain, firewall, wiring and interior from the Sport Trac were all integrated into the plate form of an early model 1976 Bronco body. On the inside, this Bronco sports gray leather interior with matching door panels. Modern conveniences include power windows and door locks,  AM/FM radio with Navigation, power brakes and steering. Powering this SUV conversion is the Sport Trac's original 4.0L V-6 engine and automatic transmission. The exterior was painted in a sporty gray and looks great with the added fenders and custom bumpers. If you have always dreamed of owning an older Ford Bronco yet wanted some of the more modern features of todays automobiles, this Bronco is for you.

On the outside, this Bronco features fender flares that were built into the fenders themselves, as opposed to the plastic add-on flares that you see on most lifted Broncos. A full roll cage was added inside, integrated into the dash rather than the floor. Custom front and rear bumpers were custom fabricated for this Bronco as well, along with matching side steps. Several sheet metal parts were custom fabricated for this project, including the core support, grille, hood, windshield frame, fenders, doors, tailgate, and hard top hatch. Oversized tires wrapped around aluminum/alloy wheels provide an aggressive look and superb handling and traction. The result is a completely unique vehicle that captures the essence of a classic first generation Bronco while offering superior handling and performance.

​​Classic BRonco Conversion